Trieste miniMaker Faire 25-26 may 2019

To celebrate the 6th edition of the event hosted by ICTV (International Centre for Theoretical Physics)and dedicated to the Makers, emotionwear presented

Spritz Dress
the dress to celebrate

with two live performances on stage and interations with the audience.

Each participant challenged the Spritz Dress in a tablet quiz to try to win a cocktail prepared in real time by the dress.

A unique experience that saw the involvement of the Mini Maker Faire organization and was an opportunity to test the dress that, every day, has provided dozens of spritz.

Winning is difficult and required a considerable amount of knowledge of topics such as “The famous cocktails in the cinema” or “the history of Aperol”.

You can find all the references to the dress in the card dedicated to the project Spritz Dress.

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You can read about Trieste Mini Maker Fair here.

(Italiano) Milano Fashion week 19-25 febbraio 2019

Milano Fashion Week 19-25 February 2019, the week dedicated to events, runways and presentations.

Milano hosts the Milano Fashion Week: woman fashion / 19-15 February 2019 in which you can see the collections “Fall/Whinter 2019/2” and get to know the new trends of the haute couture brands.

The initiative is realized by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana which sees every year new young stylists presenting new collections and trends in the fashion industry.

This year Emotionwear also took part to the event presenting “LedltBeat“, the sweather that reacts to the emotions of the wearer, previously shown on the runway for Altaroma in the Jenuary 2019 edition of the Fashion Nightt Digital.

LeadlrBeat at the Milano Fashion week 19-25 February 2019

Saturday February 23rd 2019 at Spazio Solferino 40, hosted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale LedltBeat was presented to the public of Milano’s fashion.

Wearable technology and emotions fused in a project of digital fashion 4.0.

The night was an encounter and a contamination between different realities engaged in digital fashion and Fablab, confronting their experiences of designing and experimentation.