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Spritz Dress is fun-ctionality: it supplies instantly mixed spritz!

The technology allows the garment to manage the interaction with people and the delivery of the mixed spritz into the winner’s glass.

The front part houses a fiber-optic sun that incorporates the Aperol logo and reproduces colors and games of light during the dispensing phase.

The dress is controlled by a WebApp that proposes 8 questions, a customizable number, randomly extracted between 20 and more defined.

The competitor who correctly answers at least 50% of the questions wins a spritz!

SpritzDress Presentation

Presentation @ WeMake for the AUG – Arduino User Group 2018

Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2019


Photo: Leonardo Battaglini @leobatta

Mua: Gloria Miracolo @gloria.makeupartist

Models: Angela Massafra @anjelross / Chiara Condoleo @chiaracondoleo / Federico Caporali @friedrichterzo