InTagli collection is the result of many years of tests in fashion digital fabrication. The goal is to produce garments starting from digitized parametric patterns and give customers the chance to customise them.
Intagli collection

Dolores is a wearable for cervical, back or lumbar heating in case of muscle pain, in a smart and comfortable way.

Spritz Dress is fun-ctionality: it supplies instantly mixed spritz! The technology allows the garment to manage the interaction with people and the delivery of the mixed spritz into the winner’s glass.

Led it Beat is a hoodie with a heartbeat sensor on the wrist that monitors the wearer and translates emotions into light and color.

The emotional shirt project expresses the wearer emotions with games of light and colour.
Camicia emozionale

Vera has been designed and manufactured using digital fabrication technologies Altaroma catwalk.