Emotionwear - SpritzDress
Emotionwear - SpritzDress
Emotionwear - SpritzDress
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The causes of back pain are the most varied: scoliosis, osteoporosis, various types of trauma but also anxiety and tension.

Dolores is the trusted friend who will fight by your side or, better said, on your back to unravel the cervical, dorsal, lumbar pain.

And she’ll do it with style!

Dolores is a micro vest made of neoprene and jersey that uses heating pads to warm the painful part of your back, providing relief.
A temperature sensor constantly monitors the device and intervenes if the comfort threshold is exceeded.

Dolores connects to Arduino’s IoT Cloud system and uses the dashboard to interact with you both from your computer and your smartphone. The IoT App allows you to adjust the heat flow and monitor it constantly.

Dolores Presentation

Show and tell @ WeMake Arduino Week 2022

Streaming youtube (only italian language)