Trieste miniMaker Faire 25-26 may 2019

To celebrate the 6th edition of the event hosted by ICTV (International Centre for Theoretical Physics)and dedicated to the Makers, emotionwear presented

Spritz Dress
the dress to celebrate

with two live performances on stage and interations with the audience.

Each participant challenged the Spritz Dress in a tablet quiz to try to win a cocktail prepared in real time by the dress.

A unique experience that saw the involvement of the Mini Maker Faire organization and was an opportunity to test the dress that, every day, has provided dozens of spritz.

Winning is difficult and required a considerable amount of knowledge of topics such as “The famous cocktails in the cinema” or “the history of Aperol”.

You can find all the references to the dress in the card dedicated to the project Spritz Dress.

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You can read about Trieste Mini Maker Fair here.

Manifattura Milano Camp and ADay March 16th 2019

Manifattura Milano Camp and ADay 16 March 2019 has been a unique occasion in which wearable fashion was triumphant .

The official Arduino day 2019 took place in an exceptional location c/o
the Milano Luiss Hub for Makers and Students, host of the event Manifattura Milano Camp. A double happening aiming to those who, like us member of the team Emotionwear, embrace in the same project:

  • Manufacturing 4.0 and Digital making
  • Arduino and wearable

Certainly a unique occasion in which contamination finds a fertile ground.

Emotionwear at Manifattura Milano Camp ADay March 2019

We presented our projects responding both to the Call for Maker and to the Call convened by the municipality of Milano for Manifattura Milano Camp.

Both entries were accepted and for each we presented a specific Talk aimed to create an expositional space which represents the meeting point between technology and fashion 4.0.

The Talk dedicated to digital manufacturing was hosted by Sara Savian, Fashion Designer and lecturer of Digital Fabrication, who has illustrated the process of digital manufacturing both in the field of fashion and applied to wearable emotional technology while wearing for the occasion an emotional fashion peace realized for the Collection Milano Emotionwear.

The main topic of the Talk, presented during the ADay 2019 by Mauro Alfieri, Maker and Arduino Lecturer in Milano, was the use of technology applied not only to realize every ay wearable fashion but also to capture emotions and express them through colours and light effects.

Manifattura Milano Camp & ADay Expo 16 March 2019

Dozens of people part taking to the event have been interacting with our Emotionwear team in our expo location where the experimental projects were displayed, such as the 3D prints on fabric with embedded and washable technology.

The clothing items of the Milano collection, realized for the occasion, were entirely created through digital technologies 4.0.

All the participants and hosts of the expo expressed a great interest in this technology and in the possibilities that our experimentations will bring in the field of emotional fashion.

Milano Fashion Week 19-25 February 2019, the week dedicated to events, runways and presentations.

Official link :

Fashion Digital Night – January 25th 2019

Emotionwear takes part in the Fashion Digital Night on January 25th, 2019 with LedItBeat project

The event was organized by Altaroma and Fondazione Mondo Digitale . LedItBeat project was shown on the catwalk Fashion Digital Made.

the sweatshirt that monitors
the heartbeat and communicate emotions
of the wearer with lights and colors.”

The fashion show in the Prati Bus District which took place within the Fashion Digital Made project involving fashion designers and makers from 14 countries with innovative fashion projects.

Here is the video of LedItBeat catwalk:

The project is made by Sara Savian ( fashion designer ), Mauro Alfieri ( Maker e Blogger ) e Stefano Averono.